Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 cLeopaTra sTrataN

she is a cute young singer from??
ak xpasti die dari mane..hehe(romania kot)

tapi ak ske dgr lagu die..
sora die xdela sdap sgt
tapi cute mute..
besala bdak2 nyanyi dgr cmey je..
dak nie femes kat tempat die..

cute kan??

nie ad cket maklumat sal die ak amik dari laman web mane tah..haha

Cleopatra Stratan is only four years old and she reached the number one on the Rumanian charts with the hit “Ghita” in a few months and then the same happened in the rest of Europe.
It seems that Cleopatra is the youngest talent on stage.
Last summer, and a few weeks after making herself known with the presentation of a song that she sang with her father, the Moldavian singer Pavel Stratan, Cleopatra published “La varsta de tre ani” (“At the age of three”), her first solo album that has sold more than 130.000 copies.
Soon after that, she performed live for the first time: the show lasted two hours in front of an audience of 400 persons as if she were an experienced artist.
That’s why Pavel Stratan sent a letter to the organization that it is charge of elaborating the “Guinnes Records” in order to include her daughter as the youngest artist editing
a record and performing a two-hour-show.
In 2006, deciding on whether the critics on Cleopatra were exploited by her close friends or not, Pavel Stratan hurried to announce that her daughter would be back on stage
in one or two years’ time to promote the new album.
In spite of stopping voluntarily, the Cleopatra Stratan phenomenon can’t be curbed and it has crossed the borders thanks to webs such as Youtube where more than a million and half users have watched the video clip “Ghita” that can be translated as “Little George”. In the video Cleopatra, with a 70s look, holds a suitcase and waits for Ghita in the street.
The case of Cleopatra Stratan recalls the story of the French Jordy Lemoine who is considered as the youngest singer to reach number one on the charts with the song that was famous in 1992 “Dur dur d'être bébe” when he was just tour years old.
After the controversy started in France about if Jordy was being exploited by her parents or not, the boy would launch a second album and then he would live in oblivion.

mcm besa la..
nie ak bagi lman web youtube kat korg..
klu rase bosan2 2 tgk la ek..:)
video klip die menarik & klakar..

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noi_azufham said...

heheh budak tu sape sebenornye.. kheh kheh.. comel gak.. anok sapo le ni??

fiRdaNi said...

anak ak la wei..hihi

noi_azufham said...

perr.. putih anak ko... ish2x ni ambik gene sape ni?

fiRdaNi said...

kah3..gene family mak ak la..hehe