Monday, October 11, 2010

0 R.U.N.G.U.T.A.N

Hohoho..guess what? I’m typing this at library!! Haha..
others busy with write-up, and I?write up also but just for my blog..:)
Actually, I’m so so so sleepy, force my eyes and brain to work early in morning 
without a cup of Nescafe! As a solution, need to do something 
not related to the disease and diet management..huhuhu..
today is a disaster day..

* Kena tinggal bas! Pakcik, sy bayar yuran ok! Nape tinggal sy???
* Need to stay at HUKM till 4.30 pm!huh..can’t sleep..
* No WIFI at library?need 2 register first!cukup meluat ngan system macam ni
* I am a protest gurl with no mouth to say just said it loudly in gut..haha


psstt ://sambung wat write-up!!

♥ Thanks for reading!~ Have a nice day ^_^ ♥

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